Mission Statement
“We are a part of the fight to end hunger
and promote self-sufficiency opportunities in Camden County” 
2 Cor. 9:8 (TLB) God is able to make it up to you by giving you everything you need and more so that there will not only be enough for your own needs, but plenty leftover to joyfully give to others.”
Location: 103 W. Church St., St. Marys
Hours: Monday-Thursday from 9-11:45 am
Note: Not open on holidays or when the church office is closed.
Phone: (912) 576-8105
Email: helpinghands@tds.net
Director: Boyd Lemon
St Marys UMC Liaison : Beth Tipper


We currently are in need of food donations to help fill up our shelves.  Please visit the Welcome Desk after church to obtain a list of our food needs.  You can drop off food on Sundays in the Narthex or at Helping Hands during regular business hours.


Helping Hands is looking for a few nice bookcases. Now that we have established a Little Free Library for children, we would also like to provide books for our adults to enjoy. If you have a couple of tall bookcases that you are willing to donate, please call 404 – 989 – 2005. Thank you for your continued support!

Did you know that Camden County has a population of 51,000 and 8,000 individuals are below the poverty line? Helping Hands strives to reach those in St. Marys who experience food insecurity and require assistance. This has been our goal since we first opened in 2000 and continues to be our goal every year. We also strive to be resourceful and provide “hands up” to our guests.
Through the generosity of our donors of food and money, we are able to distribute more than 80 tons of food yearly. Our success is also due to the very reliable and dedicated staff of volunteers who faithfully commit to show up each week to treat our guests with courtesy and care.
1. Commit to faithfully pray for this Ministry and for our guests.
2. Donate food:
  • All donations need to be nonperishable. We encourage you to donate nutritious items. 
  • Please remember to donate food items that are not expired. Look in your pantry; if you are not going to use it, please consider donating it to us.
  • Donations can be left in the Narthex on Sundays or at the Helping Hands headquarters or at the church office Monday-Thursday. 
3. Donate financially: For every dollar given, Helping Hands is able to purchase $7-9 worth of food. Your money ripples out!
4. Consider volunteering your time with Helping Hands. Contact Beth Tipper to learn more about these opportunities. Call 912-576-8105 or email helpinghands@tds.net
5. Learn more about hunger and the effects of food insecurity: