What time do we meet?

We meet from 8:45-9:45 am every Sunday in our youth building, The Starting Line, for donuts, fellowship and scripture discussions.

Where is The Starting Line located?

         Starting Line is located across the street from the main Sanctuary, to the left of the church office building.


What is the age group?

Our age group is from 6th grade to high school seniors. 

Who do I contact for more information?

         Jeremy Cole, director of Youth Ministries, at
Regular Weekly Activities


When: Sundays from 5:17-7:17 pm
Location: The Starting Line
Schedule: Dinner followed by games and worship
This is our main event of fellowship and worship each week.

Breakfast Clubs

High School:  6:25 am on Tuedays at Chik-Fil-A in Kingsland.
Middle School:  6:40 am on Wednesdays at Hardee’s in St. Marys.
Transportation to school is provided.

Wednesday Night Dinner/Study

Meeting Time: 5:45-7 pm
Location: The Starting Line
Schedule: Dinner and free time followed by boys and girls small studies group.
Band Practice: 3:45 pm

 Thursday Basketball

When: Every Thursday Night at 6 pm
Location: WECC 89.3 FM Radio Stations basketball court
Contact: Cal Lang at for further information.
Church Family,
Sunday we will start a 3 part series called Social Media Me. Do we always put our best us out there for the world to see? I can hear you all shaking your heads with me. Tonight we’ll start exploring what our social media really could and should be like if we put our best Christ-like foot forward. See you all soon and here’s what’s coming up:
Encounter Youth Retreat – We are taking sign-ups for this year’s Encounter Retreat at Epworth By The Sea, November 16-18. It’s a great weekend of spiritual renewal and cost of only $135. This is open to all youth 6th-12th grades. Sign-up deadline is Sunday October 28.
Sunday: Youth Choir 4-5pm in The Choir Room 517 at The Starting Line 5:17-7:17pm
Tuesday: High School Breakfast Club 6:25am at Hardees
The Rock Bible Study 6:30pm at WECC 89.3 FM Campus
Wednesday: Middle School Breakfast Club 6:40am at Hardees
Band Practice 4 – 5:30pm in the Chapel 
Small Groups 5:45 – 7:00pm in The Starting Line.
As always, let me know of any questions, concerns or prayer needs.
Join us at 517

Join us for a new take on our Sunday night gatherings for 6th – 12th graders with 517 at The Starting Line! We start the evening at 5:17 with dinner, followed by games and worship ending at 7:17. See you Sunday!

New Lending Library

Come check out the new lending library in The Starting Line! Borrow whatever you want, for as long as you want and/or leave one of your own books, movies or CDs for someone else. The Starting Line is open Sundays 8:45 – 11 am, 5 – 7 pm, Tuesday/Thursday 3 – 5 pm, and Wednesday 5:45 – 8 pm.


Fall Youth Calendar

See Us At Work
Ice Skating
Carrying the Cross
Senior Night