Activities and events are being modified due to the COVIC-19.

Please check the calendar or with Jeremy if you have any questions.

Please stay safe and health, hope to see you soon!



What time do we meet?

We meet from 9:30 – 10:15 am every Sunday in our youth building, The Starting Line, for donuts, fellowship and scripture discussions.

Where is The Starting Line located?

         Starting Line is located across the street from the main Sanctuary, to the left of the church office building.


What is the age group?

Our age group is from 6th grade to high school seniors. 

Who do I contact for more information?

         Jeremy Cole, director of Youth Ministries, at
Regular Weekly Activities

517 Gathering

Meeting Time: 5:17-7:17 pm
Location: The Starting Line
Schedule: Food, Games and Worship

Wednesday Night Small Groups

Meeting Time: 5:15-7 pm
Location: Bailey Hall
Schedule: Free time followed by boys and girls small studies group.



Church Family,
We are continuing our series on Wednesdays and Sundays studying the Fruits of The Spirit. In times like these, I believe we need all the tools we can get to fully live our lives with no question that Christ is the major part of it. That’s exactly why we’re studying The Fruits of The Spirit. Please join us on YouTube each week as we study together. We’ll introduce each lesson on Sundays and follow up on Wednesdays with more. Scan the QR code below to subscribe to our youth YouTube channel.
Join us at 517

Join us for a new take on our Sunday night gatherings for 6th – 12th graders with 517 at The Starting Line! We start the evening at 5:17 with food, games and worship ending at 7:17p. See you Sunday!